ERT Awards Supporting Information

Best New Product – Major Domestic Appliances

Beko HygieneShield Washer Dryer WDEY854044HW

Created in response to growing hygiene needs as a result of the pandemic, Beko’s HygieneShield™ Washer Dryer effectively kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Perfect for quickly refreshing your clothes, this appliance features a HygieneTherapy programme which leaves garments perfectly clean and hygienic, without using water. By using hot air at high temperatures, this machine effectively kills bacteria and viruses to ensure laundry is germ and bacteria free, providing added peace of mind for families.

Also featuring Beko’s SteamCure function, this HygieneShield™ Washer Dryer makes ironing quicker and easier too, by reducing creasing in garments by dispersing steam into the drum at the end of the wash programme. What’s more, Beko’s HygieneShield™ Washer Dryer features Bluetooth connectivity and can be controlled through the helpful HomeWhiz app. To help protect our natural environment, this appliance also features Beko’s RecycledTub™, which uses up to 60 recycled plastic bottles in its tub. By transforming recycled plastic bottles into high performance materials, this machine is kinder to the planet, without compromising on performance or durability.

The machine also features a quick wash programme, washing a full 8kg load in just 28 minutes, saving both time and money. Designed to give ultimate flexibility to users, Beko’s HygieneShield™ Washer Dryer features multiple drying options, offering both timed and sensor drying programmes. To prevent over-drying, Beko’s sensor drying programmes identify the level of moisture in the drum and automatically stops the cycle when the optimal dryness level has been reached. As well as saving time and money, this unique programme protects laundry, caring for your favourite garments.