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Best New Product – Major Domestic Appliances

Miele – KMDA 7634 FL Induction Hob with Integrated Vapour Extraction

Showcasing premium design and innovation, Miele’s KMDA 7634 FL Induction Hob is the hob of choice for even the most ambitious projects. The appliance is the result of two of Miele’s competence centres (Bunde and Arnsberg) combining efforts, showcasing perfect German craftsmanship with a hob and hood which work perfectly together. Its elegant design features a flush fit downdraft extractor, which the hob can communicate automatically with thanks to Con@ctivity technology. 

The hob transmits information about its settings to the hood’s electronics system, which automatically adjusts extraction levels, so there’s no need to remember to switch the hood off after cooking. What’s more, Miele’s vapour extraction solutions are discreet and elegant – meeting the highest demands in terms of aesthetics and functionality. Crucially, the flush-fit ensures the sleek lines of a kitchen are not interrupted as well as being easy to keep clean. 

Versatile and fast, there are 4 cooking zones bigger than ever before to maximise cooking flexibility, including 2 PowerFlex areas with TwinBooster, meaning zones can be combined when using extra large cookware for targeted induction power. Power levels and times can be selected separately for each zone thanks to the intuitive SmartSelect numbers at the bottom edge of the hob. A keeping warm function intelligently monitors the temperature in the base of the pan, so food is kept at serving temperature without risk of burning while users concentrate on cooking the rest of the menu, which can be assisted with a built in timer. With the Stop&Go function, all cooking zones can be reduced to power level one with the single touch of a button. Previously set power levels can be reactivated with a touch of a button. If the hob is switched off accidentally, all settings are saved for 10 seconds.

Rated A++ for energy, the hood helps to reduce energy consumption and pave the way for a more sustainable kitchen. Thanks to the downdraft’s ECO motor with DC current, up to 70% of energy is saved compared to conventional motors. What’s more, the hood operates very quietly, yet still as powerfully as Miele’s other extractors. On the hob, if cookware has already been placed on a cooking zone, the numerical keybank activates automatically after the hob is switched on, making manual activation of the cooking zones unnecessary

Cleaning up after cooking has also been made easier with Miele’s CleanCover, located behind the dishwasher-friendly grease filters. Instead of sharp metal edges and electrical components the user will find only a sealed, smooth surface which is particularly easy to clean and protects from coming in contact with cables and motor components. With the touch of a finger it is also possible to block operation of the hob for 20 seconds while cookware can be moved and the hob can be cleaned without hindrance and without settings being changed. Thanks to the durable honeycomb active charcoal filters, which are made of bituminous coal and can be regenerated in the oven, odours are absorbed efficiently.

Launched June 2021.