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Best New Product – Major Domestic Appliances

Hoover – H-WASH 500 12kg washing machine

Already Good Housekeeping Institute Reader Recommended, the Hoover H-WASH 500 range is the brand’s ‘˜smartest’ laundry collection to-date, putting the very latest in laundry technology at the consumers’ fingertips. Technological capabilities. Building on previous success with its former connected appliances, the H-WASH 500 collection is Hoover’s first complete range compatible with the Red Dot Award-winning hOn app. A platform created by Hoover’s parent company and IoT (internet of things) trailblazer, Haier Europe, it enables constant and remote access to the washer in order to maximise capabilities and performance. 

According to consumer research*, 70% of people check a washing label before doing the laundry, but 37% don’t understand the symbols and 62% cut them out because they are either irritating or unsightly. The Hoover H-WASH 500 cleverly combats this with its ‘˜Scan to Care’ functionality – a clever feature which enables users to take a photo of their garment and washing label through the hOn app, store them in a ‘˜virtual wardrobe’™ and the machine will recommend the best cycle. Then the label can be cut out and discarded. 

The H-WASH 500 12kg model has access to more than 40 specialist cycles through the hOn app, where users can also save favourite programmes and settings. The model also features a clever ‘click to wash’ function which provides cycle recommendations, too. Simply take a photo of the washing pile in front of the machine though the hOn app and the machine will do the rest! 

In addition to providing detergent tracking and tips to optimise washing and reduce waste, the hOn app provides efficiency statistics, real-time consumption figures and maintenance updates & tips, enabling users to get the absolute best and most from their machine. 

A sturdy and reliable washing machine that guarantees outstanding results, the 12kg H-WASH 500 features a latest generation, brushless Eco-Power Inverter Motor; a long-lasting and powerful technology which enhances cleaning action up to 60 per cent and is four times more durable than a traditional motor, maximising efficiency and performance. 

Other performance-enhancing technology built into this high-tech machine is Active Balance – a system that optimises spin cycles, allowing more time for washing with reduced vibration.

Complete with multiple quick wash options, an economy programme, high temperature hygiene washes and stain-level adjustment, the machine alters cycle lengths depending on the wash intensity required. 

The LED display allows users to see all cycle information including the selected programme, options, cycle duration and more. 

With the capacity to wash a full, mixed load in 59 minutes with Hoover’s All-in-One cycle, other SKUs in the collection also include NFC or WiFi connectivity, steam functionality and CareDose – an eco-friendly technology which delivers accurate dosage for up to 21 washes. 

The model also boats the highest possible energy rating of ‘˜A’ under NEL legislation which came into play 1st March 2021, making it is one of the most efficient models on the market. 

The product manager’s opinion 

Ben Peach, laundry product manager at Hoover, said: ‘We’ve remained committed to building innovation into our connected appliances since the launch of our first smart collection in 2015 and the H-WASH collection features our latest and greatest technology. 

‘Laundry has led the charge in smart appliances and products now aim to complement varying lifestyles, supporting creation of bespoke programmes, suggesting best cycles and giving people up-to-date information on product progress and performance. 

‘Our own research shows that people can be very formulaic with their washing habits, so modern products are created to add value to people’s individual regimes and make doing the laundry less of a chore by either recommending cycles or updating people on progress.’ 

Product success 
More than 20,000 units have been sold since its launch and Hoover is forecasting close to 75k units in 2021. 

In addition to being Good Housekeeping Institute Reader Recommended, the H-WASH 500 has received rave reviews from a number of trusted outlets, including:
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* Source: IPSOS