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Sales Representative Award

Henley Designs Ltd (Trading as Henley Audio) – Nick Fuller

Nick Fuller has been at the forefront of our sales team during lockdown and easing, ensuring that communication and relationships were upheld with his dealers and his team. Nick worked tirelessly to ensure that everything (we could safely and legally do) was done for our dealers. The result was Nick and his team keeping dealers supported throughout the pandemic lockdown(s) and subsequently the re-opening process.

Of course, this has been a particularly tough year to maintain business relationships. To help, Nick has been proactive in working with customer services, service and marketing. He has explored more ways that Henley Audio can support dealers, including online product training, digital POS and social media presence. Nick’s support is internal as well as external. Throughout the year, he was sympathetic to the challenges presented to individual sales team members, making the best of the situation in all those ‘Teams’ meetings.

Nick also very quickly recognised that the public needed entertainment and music more than ever during the lockdowns. Indeed, the physical involvement of playing vinyl – of physically connecting with favourite music – is an essential aspect of many people’s lives and mental health. This aspect added a further incentive to maintaining the sales operation, and the sentiment extended to Nick’s involvement with Project Wingman.

Nick was contacted by Alex Barwise, a salesman for Audio Gold in Crouch End, asking if Henley Audio would like to participate in Project Wingman. The idea behind Project Wingman is to help the NHS staff relax when they either come off a shift or have a break. Furloughed EasyJet cabin crew were helping run the chill-out rooms, providing drinks and refreshments to staff who could listen to music and relax. Nick arranged loans of audio systems to help furnish the spaces, including a Klipsch model for the Broomfield hospital in Chelmsford. More here:

In summary, Nick Fuller has played an integral role in maintaining the sales division of Henley Audio during what has undoubtedly been some of the most challenging working conditions our industry has experienced. Having been with Henley Audio since its 1997 launch, now most definitely feels like the moment for Nick to win the ERT Sales Representative Award.