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Best New Product – Small Domestic Appliances

Dualit – Dualit Electric Pour Over Kettle

Dualit’s Electric Pour Over Kettle – £84.99

The innovative Pour Over Kettle from iconic small domestic appliance manufacturer, Dualit has been engineered as the ultimate piece of kit for coffee afficionados, offering a controlled and precise pour. 

Why Pour Over Coffee?

Pour over coffee has been embraced by the specialty coffee scene in recent years due to its ability to produce delicious flavoursome results. What sets pour over apart is that it is made by hand-pouring the water over the coffee grounds, in what could be described as a steady and controlled process. This proven technique has been used in Europe since the 1900s and elsewhere for much longer. Pour over is often chosen over other brewing methods as it accentuates flavours and allows aromas to shine. A good filter coffee is clean, clear and consistent due to how the coffee grounds infuse in the water, extracting the coffee oils and fragrances in a consistent time and at its own pressure.

Dualit’s Electric Pour Over Kettle

With professional style Pour Over Coffee continuing to increase in popularity and many people now working from home, Dualit launched its Pour Over Kettle in March 2021.

Dualit’s Pour Over Kettle features a thin, curved gooseneck spout for a better reach and even water flow, which allows for a consistent and slow coffee extraction, every time. This results in maximum flavour and aroma from the coffee grounds for barista-quality filter coffee. It also comes with a precisely controlled temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit, which can be adjusted one degree at a time from 38C to 100C, making it the perfect accessory for everything from filter coffee to herbal teas. A handy temperature hold function keeps the selected temperature for five minutes, ideal when making more than one cup.

As well as being the perfect solution for drip through coffees, the Pour Over Kettle can also be used for brewing tea, as the temperature required for tea will vary with some tea leaves being more delicate than others. In a stylish Matt Black finish, the 800ml kettle also features a digital display, mute function to stop noise waking anyone up, a control dial for easy temperature adjustment and an easy-grip handle.