ERT Awards Supporting Information

Best New Product – Major Domestic Appliances

Caple – C2600 Oven

Multi award-winning appliance specialist Caple has cleverly curated a collection of Wi-Fi enabled ovens, which have been designed with functionality, which is aimed specifically for the UK style-led homeowner. The new, luxury C2600 pyrolytic oven, available in black glass, gunmetal and stainless steel, makes a welcome addition to Caple’s Sense Premium collection and comes with sleek touch controls, too.

We have listened to the market where demand is growing for appliances, which are able to work with smartphone technology. However, we have also responded to the need for appliances armed with functionality, which is more suited for use here in the UK. This is why we have personally designed our own Caple Home app, which is filled with a whole host of features from saving family favourite recipes to setting multi-stage cooking times. We have created this new Sense Premium collection for those who want to make meal times easier, so you can connect to your oven using your smartphone or tablet from another room in your home. Simply scroll through the options and save your favourite settings. Our new technology enables you to take the guess work out of cooking. The new Sense Premium pyrolytic oven features 23 functions, including the pyro setting, which heats the oven to 475°C. However, you can take your pick between a 1.25, 1.5 or 2-hour cleaning programme, as this model comes with more versatility in the cleaning process to suit your individual needs. There is also a pizza setting, which heats the oven to an impressive 345°C, leaving you with a perfectly cooked traditional Italian pizza in just 2.5 minutes. You’ll also find a handy dehydrate option, which will remove moisture from food to dry and preserve it. Fans of slow cooking will love this additional function, too, as this enables you to cook over a long period of time at 90°C using conventional heat. Other highlights of Caple’™s new Sense Premium C2600 include a roast setting, where the temperature automatically rises to 250°C then drops to the set temperature, which seals the meat. There is even a proving function so you’ll find your bread will rise perfectly for baking. Don’t forget to use the keep warm and keep warm+ setting with special base heat settings. These have been specifically designed to keep all the moisture and flavours intact while your food keeps warm till you’re ready to eat it. There’s even a Sabbath mode which provides conventional heat with a time and temperature (from 70°C to 140°C) you can select up to 72 hours.