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Training Provider Award

Samsung TV/AV Training Team

The Samsung TV AV Training Team have sought to support the Electrical Retail Sector in these difficult times. The Training Team, developed new ways of supporting training, through digital learning, up-skilling the Team before offering bespoke and sales-skill training.


Training Delivery

Consisting of seven Regional Trainers led by two managers, our talented Delivery Team’s primary function is to drive sales by cascading product and technical knowledge to our retail partners using the latest learning techiques. The regional trainers also support wider Samsung departments and individual stores on a variety of promotional activities, roadshows and consumer-facing events.

Training Content

The Delivery Team is supported by a passionate Content Team – featuring two Content/Graphic Designers, a specialist Training Course Developer and a dedicated Videographer. Their core role is to create best-inclass training material to facilitate Samsung TVAV’s industry-leading training programme. They are also responsible for the TV/AV Training Team’s online digital presence through the Samsung Academy.

Leadership Group

The TVAV Training Team is spearheaded by a leadership group featuring Samsung’s Head of Training, two managers organising the delivery output, with another supervising content creation. The role of this group is to drive strategy as well as support and develop the Training Team as a whole.


Our Approach

The TV/AV Training Team’s approach is to excite our learners by moving away from outdated “Talk and Teach” methods in favour of hands-on training that brings products and features to life using blended learning incorporating all modern techniques – digital or face-to-face. The Team use natural language to tell stories around every-day experiences that shoppers will find easier to relate to – and reject mundane “Spec and Tech”. Our Trainers are encouraged to utilise a fluid coaching model and throw away “death by Powerpoint”.


Meadlake Training Centre

Opened in 2017, our state-of-the-art training facility is central to the whole Samsung training programme. It features dedicated training spaces and caters for Samsung’s TV/AV, Mobile and Home Appliance divisions. It offers contemporary communal areas for continuous learning to realise the potential of next-generation Multi Device Experiences. The ethos behind Meadlake is to inspire and excite our visitors, reflecting the current ‘Do What You Can’t’ philosophy.

Meadlake offers dedicated Audio, Lab, Retail and Testing rooms to provide the most comprehensive learning experience possible. Retail partners take advantage of industry-leading viewing and audio experiences in our Audio & Lab rooms – and are empowered to bring products and features to life in our specially-designed Retail Room that mirrors many of the in-store fixtures that learners will find in their own stores.

In our testing room, ISF-certified trainers put the latest Samsung products through their paces to provide insights to enable a better training experience. Meadlake is also home to our best-in-class filming studio and editing suite – where we create bespoke digital training materials, and broadcast our LiveStreams for our retail partners via the Samsung Academy.

The Samsung Academy

Recently relaunched as an app at the request of our retail partners, our online training portal is a valuable resource for retail partners to gain knowledge on key Samsung products and technologies. This is achieved through engaging and interactive training modules, video content and industry-specific articles. All content offers the very latest learning styles to cater for all users, featuring jargon-free benefit-led explanations, demo-tips and advice on how best to excite shoppers.

Users are rewarded for interacting with the Academy by earning badges which can be traded in for entries into monthly ‘Learn & Win’ incentives. We also run regular promotions with our retailers to drive selflearning and knowledge retention. The Academy features a robust reporting tool which allows us to monitor all interactions and drill-down by retailer, by region, by store, and by individual user to pinpoint areas of need and address them through bespoke content creation and training programmes.

We broadcast regular LiveStreams through the Academy to raise awareness of key products, features and tactical advantages. Livestreams allow us to engage large audiences without lifting staff out of their retail environment for prolonged periods. We tailor content to reflect specific audiences and/or business messaging – encouraging viewer participation throughout the broadcast via social media messaging and live Q&A sessions.


2020 – The New Normal

As with many others, our greatest challenge in 2020 was to overcome the restrictions placed upon by the Corona Virus pandemic. The UK went into lockdown in late March. Unable to facilitate traditional face-toface training because retail stores were closed, we immediately placed an emphasis on making as much content as possible available on the Samsung Academy – not only ensuring that our retail partners were able to self-learn while on furlough, but also that they were as ‘match-fit’ as possible when they eventually returned to work.

In addition, we also added incentives to reward retail staff for interacting with the Samsung Academy. Throughout all of this activity, we made a lot of effort to use a ‘we’re all in this together’ tone of voice when communicating with retail partners through the Academy.

Self-learning Through The Academy

While under lockdown, it was critical that we maintained a high standard of product knowledge with our retail partners so that when they returned to the fold, they were able to confidently talk about Samsung products with their shoppers. We encouraged self-learning amongst our retail partners by making sure that the Samsung Academy was packed with learning materials – including training modules, trainer ‘how-to’ videos and, new for 2020, fundamental tech animations.

Samsung Academy Learn & Win Incentive

To help and support our retail partners on the Samsung Academy, we put in place a monthly incentive whereby users were rewarded for taking and passing training modules with ‘badges’ that they could trade in for entries into a monthly prize draw. These were ‘letter-box friendly’ so that they could posted direct to winners whilst taking into account social-distancing quidelines.

Virtual Training Programme

Each and every retailer had own challenges, both retail and online. Samsung developed a solution that allowed us to quickly engage retail partners and give them the right skills and tools to talk about 2020 products and technologies. We came up with a Virtual Training programme. This allowed our Regional Trainers to host sessions with various touchpoints from home via video-conferencing using specifically created assets, session plans and were encouraged to story-tell their way through products and features using experiences that attendees could easily relate to.

Our bespoke workshops varied between 30 minutes, one, and three hours as we wanted to offer as many options to our retailers as possible without making impossible demands on their working week. All sessions were well-received with retailers, keen to get product knowledge onto the shop-floor quickly and efficiently.

HILT Training Programme

Working with awarding body Highfield to deliver certified programme, our HILT (High Impact, Low Time) training programme was devised to bring virtual training to life via a series of interactive classroom-type
workshops broadcast live from our Meadlake Training Centre.

The programme involved 4x 45 minute sessions that covered Picture Quality, Smart, Audio and our 2020 Ranges – all re-inforced with live demonstrations. Interaction was encouraged through quizzes, polls and
ice-breakers to keep attention-spans fully charged as the overall objective was to excite our learners with a friendly, high tempo, conversational tone of voice.

All HILT workshops were delivered by a team of three – one Regional Trainer presenting, one supporting remotely from home on the interactive elements, and all filmed by our talented Videographer. The sessions were also designed for retailers’ product experts to attend so that they could then cascade that knowledge to their colleagues when back in store and maximise engagement organically.


Samsung Academy Training Modules

It’s vital that the Samsung product knowledge of our retail partners is maintained at a high level. To support this, the content team have created a large volume of engaging and interactive modules that highlight the benefits of Samsung’s key features and technologies. Each module uses natural language that use a multitude of learning styles to explain how a particular feature works, how it will excite shoppers and how to perform the ideal shop-floor demonstration. Module completion is encouraged with incentives that rewards users for engagement by awarding badges that can be traded in for entries into monthly prize draws.

Samsung Academy Video Modules

With our video modules, there’s something for everyone! Whether our retail partners need to understand core industry-wide TV technologies like colour, contrast and motion – or the latest TVAV innovations specific to Samsung, we support retailers with a varied and comprehensive range of video content that helps to keep product knowledge at optimum levels. We have developed new ways of explaining TV/AV technology (through animated videos) that also offer practical tips and ways of selling on the shopfloor.

Product Guides & Matrix Content

Although we produce a high volume of engaging digital content, there is still a high demand for traditional media – such as PDF versions of printable assets. Our Product Matrixes detail technology step-ups so that our retail partners can easily identify where features occur in our TV and Soundbar product ranges – these items are generally the most-downloaded content that we create. For something a little bit more in-depth, we have created Product Guides that cover the key features of each of our ranges, how they work, how to talk about them in a benefit-led way and also on which models they can be found.