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‘Smart Thinking’ with the Gira Academy

Gira, one of the world’s leading full-range suppliers of intelligent system solutions for building management offer a new way of learning by actively helping to support, develop and grow the smart home sector with the Gira Academy:


Gira offers a broad range of intelligent building technology that requires a good working knowledge of modern electrical installation. Thanks to the Gira Academy, you can now grow your knowledge and expertise via web-based training, Gira webinars and face-to-face tutelage.

“Our in-depth knowledge of products and technological developments are passed on to you through the Gira Academy,” says Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK. ”This facility is essential for developing the professional knowledge of modern electrical installation, which in turn, will make consulting easier and ensure more satisfied customers. By taking on new segments with the help of the Gira Academy, you will be able to tap into new revenue potential and expand your business into previously untapped markets.”

“The Gira Academy gives the freedom to customise, so each training course can be personalised to each new learner. By combining various learning methods – on site, on demand and online – users can determine their own training program as part of a group or remotely at home” explains Mark.

“Gira is serving a real need, as 15 million homes are recorded as being ‘smart’ in Britain, which is over half of the 29 million homes in the UK. Already high, this figure is set to increase even more as those already committed to home automation plan to further update their home to continue to save money and improve home convenience” says Mark.

The Gira Academy can become a personal educator and mentor, enabling users to learn about the latest Gira products and intuitive home systems that facilitate increased home comfort, will monitor energy use, save time, enhance security and ensure a future-proof revenue stream for your business.

“Evolving your commerciality as we move into an age of home automation is essential for growth,” says Mark. “Ongoing learning is crucial for not falling behind. This is particularly true in the electrical installation sectors as contemporary methods, changing markets and new business fields and regulations make it necessary to constantly be up to date.“

Gira supports electricians in this endeavour with the Gira Academy. You can learn while you earn by accessing new courses which have been specially optimised for tablets and smartphones. This allows learners to study on the go and have the latest technical know-how to hand: great when talking with customers in person or when working on site. For more information, simply visit

You can also join in with live webinars from the comfort of your own home. Webinars take place in a virtual seminar room, and you can see the lecturer’s applications, simulations and slides: all you need is a PC with a headset and an Internet connection, visit

Face-to-face seminars are also available, giving you the opportunity to exchange information with your peers and gauge market response in person, as well as experience a first-hand, comprehensive look at the tangible products and technologies available with your trainer. For more information please visit

“We are already designing for the home of tomorrow and as the market continues to call for increased convenience, higher economic efficiency and more security, it makes sense to give you the tools to control your own growth. We invite you to discover the virtues of our Gira Academy and join us in bringing our intuitive and user-friendly building technology to the UK home,” concludes Mark Booth.

In light of COVID-19, Gira help to grow and expand your business potential with a series of new online seminars, now available through the Gira Academy:

Gira X1 – The cornerstone of the intelligent home: 16.09.20 & 30.11.20
KNX Secure: 17.09.20 & 01.12.20
Gira G1: 21.09.20 & 02.12.20
Gira S1 – Remote access: 22.09.20 & 03.12.20
Gira HomeServer – Get started: 29.09.20 & 14.12.20
*All seminars are in English & free of charge

During each online seminar, all participants will be connected live to a specialist Gira Trainer in a virtual classroom. Once the seminar is in session, you will be able to see the lecturer’s applications, product simulations and slides and get the opportunity to talk to one another directly.

All you need is a computer, headset and internet connection, plus sign-up is completely free! Just visit

Mark Booth, Managing Director, Gira UK says “As we all learn to adapt to the ‘new normal’, we want to make sure we are providing our customers with the right tools to remain competitive in the market and even grow.”

Now is the time to make a smart decision for your business and find out more about installing Gira products. For more information on future online seminars and training courses, visit the Gira Academy: