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best new product – Major Domestic Appliances

Touchscreen Oven, Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel’s new touchscreen interface provides an intuitive guided cooking experience that helps deliver perfect results. Whether you have been cooking all your life or just starting out, this is a great oven for all cooking levels. The high-resolution digital interface is beautiful to use, allowing customers to cook by key ingredient, food type or recipe—either following step-by-step or branching out to create a dish with their own signature twist.

The oven presents three main options: Cook by Function, Cook by Food Type and Cook by Recipe. Cook by Function provides a choice of 16 primary cooking options including Bake, Roast and Pizza Bake. These functions have each been tailored, tested, tweaked and perfected to ensure that no matter what you’re cooking, you’ve got the right temperature to match. A food probe precisely monitors cooking in real time, giving you complete control. 

Cook by Food Type provides the optimal set up for specific food types. Based on protein type, the oven will recommend shelf position, temperature and cook time. All the customer needs to provide is the type of protein, size and weight. Cook by Recipe completely sets up the home chef to create specific meals. The display provides full guidance of the recipe including the method, ingredients and shelf position. Easy step by step guidance is shown by the imagery and menus.

Using Fisher & Paykel’s unique technologies, ActiveVent ensures optimised moisture levels, while AeroTech circulates heat evenly for a consistent temperature throughout the cavity, helping you ensure perfect results even when cooking on multiple shelves. The touchscreen interface is extremely responsive with no delay between the user touching the screen and the oven’s response. It is these small details that make such a difference when using a product in the home day in day out.

You can choose between Minimal and Contemporary styles, using premium materials and detailing to support a cohesive, considered kitchen environment. Minimal style of black appliances is a new addition to Fisher & Paykel’s family of appliances, designed in response to changing needs of the kitchen space, allowing the oven to visually recede into the environment when installing dark cabinetry, or stand-out with light-coloured cabinetry. The oven is designed to fit effortlessly into the kitchen with a perfect flush fit and minimal cabinetry gaps. By creating this oven with human-centred design at the forefront, and with decades of cooking insights under its belt, Fisher & Paykel allows the amateur chef to easily create exceptional cuisine at home.