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best new product – Small Domestic Appliances

Samsung AirDresser, Samsung

The Samsung AirDresser is a unique, ground-breaking solution for some of clothing care’s most wearing problems. This innovative appliance resembles a stylish, contemporary wardrobe and is Samsung’s new innovative and efficient method of caring for clothes.

Using unique JetSteam technology, it gently cleans and cares for clothing items, keeping them refreshed and revitalised between washes whilst removing germs and odours. The AirDresser effectively prolongs the period between washes, which means less stress is put on fabrics, particularly delicate materials, helping to ensure that garments last for longer.


Samsung is committed to forward-thinking technology – pushing the boundaries of performance, quality and innovation, while keeping the customer in mind.

In order to gently refresh and revitalize clothing, Samsung has developed the AirDresser which uses a bespoke Jet Air system to freshen clothes. The technology works by using three Air Hangers that channel powerful jets of air to loosen and remove engrained dust and dirt, even from deep within the fabric. JetSteam technology further sanitises garments by using heat and moisture steam to gently remove bacteria as well as creases. Heatpump Drying provides the last step in the delicate freshening process, drying clothes at a low temperature to prevent shrinkage or damage.



The Samsung AirDresser offers several features and settings that have been developed to gently care for clothing, making it the ultimate tool to refresh the laundry between washes.

Jet Air system and JetSteam technology
• Featuring a bespoke Jet Air system, the Samsung AirDresser includes three Air Hangers to hang your garments on. Powerful jets of air then work to loosen and remove dust and dirt and freshen clothes. Jet Steam then sanitises garments gently and effectively removes bacteria.

Heatpump Drying
• Featuring Heatpump Drying technology, the Samsung AirDresser provides delicate care for clothes by drying them at a low temperature, reducing any worries of shrinkage or heat damage.

Deodorising filter
• The AirDresser also works wonders by capturing and removing stubborn odours that build up over time on garments using its Deodorising Filter. The filter also ensures no smells are left lingering behind and is even able to clean itself, requiring minimal maintenance!

• As well as providing better clothing care, the AirDresser doubles up as a dehumidifier to help remove moisture from the air when the door is open, making it easy to keep clothes protected and smelling fresh. Furthermore, the AirDresser cleans itself with the heat, air and steam removing germs and odours, keeping it performing at its best.

Premium design
• Available in a Crystal Mirror colour, the AirDresser resembles a stylish, contemporary wardrobe that fits seamlessly into any home, and as it is fitted with a water tank, there is no need for it to be plumbed in. The soft closing door ensures the AirDresser closes safely, gently and silently ready to work its magic.

Smart convenience
• With the ability to be used in combination with the Samsung SmartThings app, users can enjoy ultimate convenience by checking the best cycles to use for specific items with just the click of a button.



The Samsung AirDresser has been highly commended by several media publications since its launch in January 2020.

“There is no denying the benefits of prolonging the lifespan of your cherished items or reducing the time in-between washing or dry cleaning (or, in many cases, removing the need for this entirely), making these new high-tech wardrobes seem a worthwhile investment.” Harper’s Bazaar, 24th April 2020

“The Samsung AirDresser, it’s a new way to care for your clothes designed to revitalise items between washes, keeping you fresh and putting less stress on fabrics, particularly delicate materials.” Real Homes, 4th April 2020

“The AirDresser basically dry-cleans your clobber, offering ‘a new and efficient method of caring for clothes’ that keeps them ‘refreshed and revitalised without washing.” Metro, 22nd January 2020