ERT Awards Supporting Information

best new product – Major Domestic Appliances

Quad Door Fridge Freezer, Fisher & Paykel

Quality, innovation and ease of use are at the forefront of everything the Fisher & Paykel design team creates. This new quad door collection is based on many years of research and development that has brought two exciting formations to the market. This is a bold fridge for the most discerning of design customers working on the most exciting kitchen projects; a lifestyle product that combines the very best in food care technology and striking looks.

The quad door fridge freezer offers three separate compartments, One large French door fridge and two freezers, one of which provides modular flexibility with its Variable Temperature Zone. The temperature in this section can be adjusted at the touch of a button from the easily accessible control panel. There are four food modes to choose from: Fridge, Chill, Soft Freeze and Freeze modes. 

Fridge mode (0°C – 6°C) is best for everyday items such as fruit, vegetables, dairy-products, meats, preserves and drinks. Chill mode (-1.5°C to 0°C) sets the temperature as close to freezing as possible to retain freshness in highly perishable seafood and meats, and for storing alcoholic drinks. Soft-Freeze (-10°C to -6°C) is perfect for food that requires a gentle freeze and quick thawing. This mode also allows easy portioning and the ability to heat, cook or serve straight from the compartment without waiting for it to thaw. Freeze mode (-21°C to -14°C) is most suitable for foods that require storage between 1 – 12 months such as meat, seafood and precooked foods, frozen fruits, ice cream.

Food care is at the heart of refrigeration design. It is about controlling the environment around your food and keeping the temperature as consistent as possible. The fridge is the most used door in your household and so Fisher & Paykel has created ActiveSmart – a control system that anticipates future use by sensing environmental conditions and understanding how you use your fridge. This means Fisher & Paykel can analyse and adjust the temperature, airflow and humidity accordingly to deliver optimal results throughout your fridge and freezer. It can also rapidly chill new items to a safe temperature and quickly freeze foods to retain nutrients.

Fisher & Paykel appliances are designed with detail and durability in mind and this is reflected by the choice of quality materials and technology. Fisher & Paykel creates premium products that are beautiful, adaptable, functional and timeless. Made up of durable materials, the quad door fridge freezer underwent a comprehensive product testing programme; the hinges of the doors are tested by opening and closing the doors 300,000 times. With an easy to clean interior and aluminium shelf edging, and real steel exterior the quad door is built to last.