ERT Awards Supporting Information


Panasonic UK

Panasonic has a European wide customer service strategy placing customers at the heart of everything whilst we deliver exceptional customer experience. This is shown through what our customers are saying about us: ‘From first contact to conclusion everything handled super efficiently. Repair time amazingly short.’

Over this last year we have adapted quickly to the COVID-19 crisis whilst providing continuous support for our customers via phone, email and chat. We have also introduced a new ‘Query Checker’ which allowed us to prioritise vulnerable customers whilst promoting self-help via our online platform. We have also worked with our Service network and funded additional PPE to ensure we work safely with customers. This helps us work towards what our customers needs are in the current climate.

On top of this, we have also increased our NPS average (Jan-July) from +32 in 2019 to +50 in 2020.