ERT Awards Supporting Information

best new product – Major Domestic Appliances

MTD30P, Montpellier

The MTD30P is a 3kg compact tumble dryer which has effortlessly filled a gap in the domestic appliances market.

It’s the perfect solution for those who need a dryer, but are limited for space. Ideal for sitting on a worktop in a utility room or kitchen, in a ventilated unit, or hung on the wall with it’s wall brackets, it has two little handles incorporated into each side for easy transfer from worktop to floor, or on and off the wall – it’s so easy to manoeuvre! It’s light enough to pick up and move around and small enough to store away when not in use.

This innovative little dryer comes with five drying programmes, an electronic control display, sensor and timed drying and a venting hose. It has all the features you love and need from a large tumble dryer.

Perfect for a single person home, student digs or those days when you need a couple of garments dry in a hurry, it’s a small, but super addition to any home.