ERT Awards Supporting Information

Sales Representative Award

Jane Seagrave, Hoover Candy Group

Jane Seagrave has been a member of the Hoover Candy team for more than 25 years, working as regional sales manager for Scotland and Northern England. Known for being dependable, efficient and unfailingly punctual, Jane’s reputation with both colleagues and customers has led her to become well-known within the independent retailing industry.

Besides her reputation as warm and cheerful representative, her attention to detail and willingness to accommodate customer requests has allowed her to gain a strong relationship with customers. Jane’s extensive experience also means she understands how to nurture her working relationships with retailers, as well as understanding the complex and unique requirements of independents.

Jane’s skillset does not end with her sales role, as she also offers product training for her team colleagues. Her training allows other members of the team to fully understand the market landscape and how Hoover Candy products fit into this, as well as how independent retailers can sell the brand’s items to their own customers.

Known for her unwavering honesty, tenacity and total commitment to her role, Jane is always keen to step up to whatever situation comes her way and has resolved challenging situations with remarkable patience.