ERT Awards Supporting Information

best new product – Small Domestic Appliances

Intellisteam, Morphy Richards

Recognising that healthier cooking techniques continue to be a growing trend, in May 2020 Morphy Richards added the Intellisteam food steamer to its suite of small domestic appliances.

Steaming has long been acknowledged as the best way to maintain nutritional value and flavour in food, especially vegetables. In addition, the process is faster and more energy efficient overall than boiling, as it requires less heating and less water. However, historically, many consumers had found themselves turned off by the idea of using tiered stacking baskets and having to time separate components.
In the development of Intellisteam, Morphy Richards sought to simplify steam cooking for the consumer. The result is an appliance which is no ordinary steamer, synchronizing the steaming process and delivering a complete healthy meal in one pot.

Eliminating the need for multiple cooking processes, the standalone Intellisteam features an intelligent, multi-programmable timer and three cooking compartments, to allow the user to prepare a fully balanced meal in one appliance. The clever horizontal design and features mean there is no contamination of flavours when cooking, and all compartments are accessible – unlike a traditional tiered steamer. A strong glass lid ensures the heat is retained.

Pre-programmed with 8 settings for different food groups, the Intellisteam can also be re-programmed by the user, depending on their preferences and cooking habits. A handy keep-warm function means the ingredients are maintained at their best, regardless of interruptions. A bright and easy-use digital display represents the three individual steaming compartments and enables the user to easily set and see the remaining cooking time in each individual compartment.

The Intellisteam is both safe and user friendly, featuring thoughtful additions such as an external water top up which allows the user to add additional water without disturbing the meal’s cooking progress. As a safety measure there is also a boil-dry alarm to alert the cook to low water levels, and a safety cut-out, just in case.

The versatile accessories and individually controlled cooking chambers allow the user to cook proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables in different combinations as well as much, much more, including sauces and desserts. To sit alongside the appliance Morphy Richards developed a clear and accessible instruction book which includes recipe inspiration.
Designed with modern living in mind, the Intellisteam includes dishwasher safe parts and all accessories are made from BPA-free plastic.
Despite its impressive technical capabilities, the Intellisteam is compact and easy to store, with all accessories fitting within the bowl and a plug and cord store provided underneath.
Despite only launching in May 2020, the Intellisteam has proven a hit with consumers and retailers alike, with over 65 positive reviews and listings already in 4 of the top 5 target retailers. Unit sales of the Intellisteam are 40% ahead of projections.