ERT Awards Supporting Information

best new product – Small Domestic Appliances

HYDROH1 2-in-1 Cordless Hard Floor Cleaner, Ewbank

The Ewbank HYDROH1 picks up solid debris and liquid at the same time, meaning there is no longer the need to get the mop out before vacuuming your floor whenever there’s a mess to clean up.

Dual Tank technology ensures the clean and dirty water is kept separate. A simple squeeze of the cleaning trigger on the handle releases a spray of clean water that leaves floors smooth and shiny. There is also a BOOST function to help with those extra stubborn dirty spots and stains.

The HYDROH1 is designed to clean all kinds of hard floor surfaces including laminate, lino, vinyl, stone, tiled and sealed wooden flooring. Being cordless and lightweight the HYDROH1 can easily be moved around the house, and with up to 25mins of run time on a single charge users will easily be able to deal with regular cleaning chores.

The HYDROH1 comes with a self-cleaning/docking station, extra brush roller and 2-in-1 cleaning brush to keep the water tanks clean as well as remove any debris caught in the floor head.