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best new product – Major Domestic Appliances

H-KEEPHEAT 700 Plus HODP0007BI, Hoover

Hoover’s H-KEEPHEAT 700 Plus HODP0507BI oven is the first and only oven designed to preserve food and can keep food at ready-to-eat temperatures for up to seven days. Plus it can clean itself, too!

Technological capabilities

Boasting a ground-breaking way to prepare meals ahead of time, the H-KEEPHEAT removes the need to reheat food at mealtimes for up to seven days.

Featuring revolutionary Exever technology, developed in collaboration with the University of Parma, The H-KEEPHEAT works by utilising methods used in commercial kitchens into the home.

This efficient low-temperature cooking technique ensures food is kept at optimum levels for nutritional benefits, as well as being tastier than traditional reheating methods.


Individual portions of food are vacuum packed – a popular process in commercial kitchens that is making its way into domestic settings – before being placed in the oven for storage. This allows users to dedicate time to cooking when preferred and still enjoy the same quality, taste and aroma of the dishes when eaten.

The vacuum sealing accessory and bags are supplied with the oven, allowing users to get cooking straight away.

The H-KEEPHEAT is also a top-spec multifunction convection oven and can be used in a traditional way. The 75L cavity can be split into two separate sections by sliding a partition across the centre of the chamber, creating two areas which can be heated to different temperatures.

Perfect for busy professionals and families who eat at different times, as well as people who like to batch cook, the H-KEEPHEAT offers the ultimate in flexibility.

The H-KEEPHEAT is also available with pyrolytic, self-cleaning technology. The function uses ultra-high temperatures to self-clean the cavity, saving hours of scrubbing.

Developed and produced by Hoover’s R&D laboratories, the H-KEEPHEAT is one of the smartest ovens in Hoover’s extensive cooking portfolio.

Coming with both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, the H-KEEPHEAT can be controlled through the Hoover Wizard App on both Android and IOS. The app allows users to access features such as recipe selectors with more than 150 meal ideas and step-by-step cooking guides. WiFi connectivity also means the oven is continually evolving with new recipes and functionality. Once a recipe has been chosen, simply use a smartphone to activate the cooking time and temperature.

The oven can also be managed remotely, allowing the user to check temperatures and adjust them as needed whilst away from the kitchen. Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and supportive of voice-control, the H-KEEPHEAT enables people to spend more quality time together without spending hours in the kitchen cooking. The remote technology through the Wizard app provides reassurance without having to continually leave the room to check on the food. Plus, people can cook when it is convenient, rather than when they should or need to.

Perfect for eco-conscious consumers who are dedicated to keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible, the pyrolytic multifunction oven boasts an energy rating of A, delivering energy-efficient cooking which will reduce long-term running costs.

The product director’s opinion
Nick Platt, business director, built-in appliances at Hoover Candy Group, says: “Reheating meals in the microwave never usually delivers the same taste, nutrients and quality as freshly-cooked food, yet this is increasingly becoming the way in which many people eat their meals. Especially those that don’t have time to wait for the oven to do the same job.

“The H-KEEPHEAT is Hoover’s answer to this problem and is a healthy way to cook.

“By storing food in the oven at a lower, energy-efficient temperature, it is as good as it would be cooked from scratch that day – in some cases even better as the flavours mature over time.

“Storing in individual portions also means that food waste is reduced, as the right portion sizes, depending on how many people are eating, can be selected, or multiple meals can be preserved at the same time.

“The product is also endorsed by British cook and restaurateur, Simon Rimmer and is demonstrated by him in this video”

Product overview:
• Energy efficiency class: A
• WiFi & Bluetooth Connectivity benefits including:
• Control and monitor the Hoover Wizard app
• Dynamic chef feature
• Programme wizard
• Recipe selector
• Oven functions: (8 full cavities, 3 upper & 4 lower)
• Exever Technology preserves food between 62°C and 70°C
• LED vision door lighting
• 75-litre capacity
• Full touch control interface
• Oven divider (double cavity cooking in a single oven)
• Soft-close hinges
• Dimensions: (H x W x D) 595mm x 595 mm x 570 mm