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best new product – Major Domestic Appliances

Black glass 60 cm induction hob (TS 5760F NE)Hotpoint

The Hotpoint black glass 60 cm induction hob (TS 5760F NE), launched in July 2020, benefits from a variety of easy-to-use functions and flexible options to make cooking a fast, efficient, pleasurable and healthy experience.

The hob has four cooking zones and 18 different power levels, meaning each dish being prepared can be precisely controlled to ensure the very best cooking results. It also benefits from the Flexi Space function, which enables the two cooking zones on the left hand side of the hob to be combined and used as one, to accommodate larger pots and pans.


The intuitive Hotpoint induction hob (TS 5760F NE) is a great addition to the home, no matter how advanced, or limited, the culinary skills of the user. For example, Active Heat divides the flexible zone (the two combined zones on the left hand side of the hob) into three, pre-set power levels of ‘low, medium, high’. The front of the zone will be set at a low heat setting, the middle will be at a medium setting while the rear of the zone will be set to a high heat setting. This enables the user to move their pot or pan over the surface and cook at different temperatures, without having to adjust the controls, emulating the techniques of a professional chef.

Alternatively, when a helping hand is needed, automatic functions such as melting, keep warm and slow cooking support the user with the perfect setting and temperature to ensure faultless results everytime, with maximum ease. The new hob (TS 5760F NE) provides a variety of functions and the flexibility that consumers need to live their lives exactly the way they want.

The Hotpoint induction hob is finished in sleek black glass for a contemporary appearance, ideal for open-plan living spaces and modern kitchens. Touch control offers ease of use with great performance, as well as a sleek and easy-to-clean design. The hob also benefits from control-lock for extra safety and automatic switch-off should there ever be a large spillage.

Further features and benefits of the Hotpoint induction hob (TS 5760F NE):
• My Menu assists the user through the cooking process to ensure the very best results when a helping hand is needed and includes:
o Melting function sets the ideal temperature for melting, without the risk of burning the food. This function is ideal for food such as chocolate
o Keep warm function retains food at an ideal temperature, usually after cooking is complete. Ideal for serving food at the perfect temperature
o Slow cooking function maintains a simmering temperature, allowing the user to cook and make casseroles and stock without the risk of burning
o Boiling function allows the user to bring water to the boil and keep it boiling, with lower energy consumption
• Residual heat indicators are an invaluable safety feature. The indicators let the user know when the surface of the hob is still too hot to touch, even after it has been turned off
• Two timers (one for the left-hand cooking zones and one for the right-hand cooking zones). Once the set time has elapsed, an acoustic signal will sound and the cooking zone will switch off automatically
• Handy demonstration mode so retailers can demonstrate in-store, safely
• Easy installation with four spring fixings to secure the hob in place, no need for screws and brackets, the hob is simply pushed into place
• Dimensions H 54 x W 590 x D 510 mm

With automatic functions, easy-to-use controls and flexible cooking zones, the Hotpoint induction hob (TS 5760F NE) is ideal for creating healthy and delicious meals from scratch.