ERT Awards Supporting Information

best new product – major domestic appliances

VIVO Screen Oven, SMEG UK

Its most elegant and technically advanced built-in collection to date, Smeg UK recently added a range of game-changing products to its portfolio, with its ovens now featuring state-of-the-art VIVO screen technology.

The award winning ‘Dolce Stil Novo’ collection – a namesake influenced by a 13th Century literary movement in Sicilian and Tuscan poetry, which when translated into English means ‘sweet new style’ – is a celebration of Smeg’s Italian heritage. The versatile collection, designed by renowned Italian architect Guido Canali, comprises a series of innovative built-in appliances, including ovens – popular amongst high end kitchen and interior design projects and sought out by premium developers and specifiers as a real point of difference.

The award-winning collection embodies the brand’s creative soul and a never-seen-before emotive expression in the design of domestic appliances. Each design is considered a work of art, transforming the practical into something truly beautiful, without compromising the technical functionality thanks to materials and intricate design working hand in hand.


The oven’s latest evolution comes complete with Smeg’s innovative new VIVO screen, a market leading large touch control operating system with smooth user-friendly interface. The bigger, full-colour display with all-new graphics, exciting new functions and greater ease of use make for one seriously stylish and intuitive model. Navigating through the new display offers greater intuitiveness thanks to full touch vertical and horizontal scrolling. In addition, by holding down any item on the display for 3 seconds, a pop up will appear to explain its function. The ovens feature new visual icons, bright colours and high definition graphic effects, which makes viewing the extensive range of automatic programmes for smart cooking a whole lot more mouthwatering! If you prefer to create your own recipes, then the My Recipes section allows you to store up to 64 of your own favourite dishes into the memory of the oven.

The meat probe function allows for a new level of culinary expertise, perfect for aspiring chefs preparing meat, fish or other baked produce, to a desired temperature. Furthermore, in the hygiene conscious world we find ourselves in today, it is important to note that the flat interface makes it extremely easy to wipe clean compared to the controls on standard ovens.

The VIVOscreen ovens will join Smeg’s smart range, known as SmegConnect. The oven will work in conjunction with the new dedicated SmegConnect app, which can be used to control your appliances remotely from your chosen handheld device. Perfect for those always on the move, you can preset the oven on your way home from work so your dinner is ready to go for when you get back – ideal after you’ve had a long day and the last thing you want to do is wait for your dinner to cook!