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best new product – consumer electronics

The FivesKlipsch

Klipsch’s The Fives are a terrific addition to any retailer’s/installer’s/etc armoury. Offering a brilliant alternative to a soundbar/speaker package, The Fives are hugely versatile. Not only does the stereo design mean that the user can place the powered speakers either side of a screen, it also means, well, proper stereo!

What also really helps set these speakers apart from the crowd is the inclusion of HDMI ARC and a premium moving magnet phono stage – these speakers are a one-stop-shop for numerous sources. Bluetooth 5 is also present, and the USB input enables decoding of 192kHz / 24-bit, meaning listeners get the best possible sound from their hi-res audio files. Dynamic Bass EQ offers deep bass at even lower volume levels – great for late-night movie watching – and let’s not forget the sound. The built-in amps drive titanium tweeters featuring Tractrix horns, plus a 4.5″ long-throw woofer. The result is great quality at both lower and higher volumes. And when it comes to music, true to Klipsch tradition, these speakers love to rock – and, when required, they can go loud, very loud!

Add real wood veneer and tactile switches and you have a very cool, and hugely versatile, set of speakers, all set for music and movie duties.