With the latest smart technology all in the strap, wena™ incorporates speedy contactless payment, advanced fitness tracking and direct link-ups for phone notifications into a luxury timepiece design.

The interchangeable nature of wena allows the technology to be isolated to the links and clasp of the watch strap, rather than being connected to the face. The design not only allows the wearer to choose any watch face, but it makes everyday activities easier to do. And, you can get a week’s use with just one single charge. The watch incorporates NFC technology allowing users to make contactless payments with just a tap of the wrist.

The strap is available is two styles  – metal and silicone – with each designed to suit different lifestyles. The metal strap, also known as the wena wrist pro has been created with the traditional watch-wearer in mind, whereas the silicone strap, also known as the wena wrist active, has been designed for users with a passion for sport. The active version also comes with GPS tracking and heart-rate sensors to provide calories burned and distance travelled.