Last year’s ERT winning team is dedicated to delivering excellent product knowledge to our retailers ensuring they feel confident to share this information in store when talking to customers.

We have just wrapped up our biggest training session of the year, The Kando Factory Conference. Where over 200 in store sales representatives attended a session in London to learn all about the new FY19 line-up, across Home, Sound and Imaging categories.

Members of the training team are out on the road supporting the nationwide Dixons training roadshow. We are also currently running our own Imaging roadshow for DI specialist retailers that includes 10 sessions at big cat sanctuaries across the country. These sessions give attendees an opportunity to get hands on with our latest cameras and lenses with interesting surroundings to test key features, and they are tailored for the attendee’s needs.
Our next big project is the annual TV roadshow, where we visit locations across UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands during June and July. The roadshow is focussing on the FY19 line-up and helping retailers understand product features so they can effectively explain them to consumers in store.

At the end of May, we rolled out the eagerly anticipated “live streaming” training programme that we have been working towards due to the fact that retailers are busy and can’t always attend our in-person sessions. This will also allow us to communicate a calendar of events to retailers in advance, and the sessions can be tailored and bespoke for specific requirements and requests. The sessions will be archived and easily accessible on our private YouTube channel so they can be shared to in-store reps and be used as a reference for the rest of the year.
Sony has continued to innovate in the Imaging market, setting the bar high. The newly announced a7 III is an all-rounder so has been a game changer for consumers looking to make that step up from DSC’s to mirrorless full frame cameras. As more and more people are taking up photography as a hobby, we see that our α range of full frame cameras are now being considered by professionals and enthusiasts alike due to the fantastic quality they are capable of capturing. Therefore it’s important that the training team communicate this effectively to our retail partners so that consumers in-store are made aware of the incredible possibilities of the Sony alpha range.

Sony continues to provide retailers with the tools to demonstrate effectively in store, by incorporating informative video content within interactive demo units, eye-catching point or sale or through product guides and leaflets. Materials are produced based on the level of information required but also the target audience.

To put this into numbers, Sony’s training team trained over 4,000 staff in the first 6 months of 2019.

• 4000 store staff from the following retailers attended 80 sessions nationwide;
• John Lewis
• Dixons
• Richer Sounds
• Sony Centres
• Seven Oaks
• Hughes
• Crampton and Moore
• Along with many Independent Retailers

Over 900 staff were trained at the “My Learning Live” events in conjunction with Dixons; at these events, the team again focused on providing hands-on experiences for attendees and product demos in venues around the UK. Following the success of the UK events, a further event is to take place in Ireland this year.