Chord Electronics has been creating proprietary-technology DACs for over 20 years. Its use of custom-coded FGPAs (programmable chipsets) has enabled it to create class-leading digital converters whose measured performance outclasses rivals’ mass-produced chip DACs. Chord Electronics’ DACs have dominated the leading hi-fi awards year in, year out, thanks to their unrivalled performance, features and build quality.

Qutest is the latest convertor from the Kent-based specialist. It is a highly advanced standalone DAC that is designed, engineered and built in England. For a modest investment, Qutest has the ability to deliver the best possible sound quality from partnering equipment new or old, via its USB, optical and coaxial inputs.

Qutest benefits from 5V Micro USB powering, support for up to 32-bit/768kHz PCM and DSD512 via its galvanically isolated USB-B input, plus a unique user-selectable frequency-shaping filter. It is precision-machined from aircraft-grade aluminium billet here in the UK and hand-made in the Kent factory.

Put simply, Qutest offers music lovers the most advanced compact DAC technology in the world, with proven award-winning technical and sonic performance that delivers the best possible sound quality.