Panasonic announced the introduction of its new microwave ovens with the NN-CD87 slimline combination microwave oven being top of the range. The Panasonic Experience Fresh brand concept celebrates the joy of fresh food and creates social experiences for you and your loved ones. This brand message embodies the NN-CD87 as is packed full of innovative features. The first is the Genius Sensor that monitors steam levels to achieve optimal heating and cooking results without the guesswork. Several Auto Menus work with the Genus Sensor so you do not have to set the time or weight of ingredients to ensure correct cooking. This microwave also features a One-Push Reheating™ button, which instructs the Genius Sensor to calculate the exact reheating time required automatically. The Junior Menu programme enables you to cook healthy for children too and include Panasonic’s microwave Inverter technology, controlling power precisely to cook food gently and evenly empowering the message of healthy cooking.