Launched five years ago, Naim Audio’s Mu-so created its own product category, setting the benchmark for audiophile wireless multiroom music systems and reaching the mainstream (stocked in John Lewis). It continued to lead the market, remaining relevant for the consumer with service firmware updates such as AirPlay 2.

It successor, the Mu-so 2nd Generation evolves this award winning design but completely improves and reinvents the audio performance and usability of the first generation model. 95% of the 2nd generation model has been re-engineered to deliver a major step-up in sound and features (including a built-in hassle-free demo mode for retailers that plays a selection of  high-resolution audio files to showcase the Mu-so 2nd Generation best-in-class audio performance)

Three years in the making the Mu-so 2nd Generation boasts a myriad of innovative features:

Streaming technology innovation

Music streaming technology – based on the platform in higher end Uniti range and dedicated network players, including the £20,000 flagship ND 555

Every possible way to access and stream music – Spotify Connect, Tidal, Apple AirPlay 2,  Bluetooth, Chromecast (for support for other music streaming apps including Deezer etc), Internet radio, UPnP streaming (supports high-resolution WAV, FLAC and DSD files at resolutions up to 32bit/384kHz)

Three ways to access multi-room – through Naim, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast – for best-in-class multi-room (works with all legacy Naim products including 1st generation Mu-so/Mu-so Qb)

Google Chromecast now built-in

Audio engineering innovation:

Re-engineered cabinet for greater bass extension (13% increased volume). The width and height remain the same as the first generation model but the 2nd gen is slightly deeper

13 times more processing power – a new 16-core Digital Signal Processor provides 2000 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) compared to the single core, 150 MIPS of the first generation model. The result is the native audio signal remains in tact from source to speaker for the best audio performance

Close collaboration with Focal (sister company under Vervent Audio Group) with 40 years high level audio heritage has seen speaker drivers redesigned and upgraded

Each individual speaker is driven by its own dedicated smart amp that calibrates the bass, using specially designed algorithms/software, for a smoother low-end performance at low and high volume. The sound characteristics don’t change when the volume changes

New internal dampening design for a more rigid and inert cabinet (internal polymer material employed is the same used in riot shields)

Feature and usability innovation:

Built-in HDMI ARC to connect to your TV and bring audiophile grade sound to your TV

New grille material acoustically treated to maintain the best frequency response – the result of 18 months of research into acoustic materials

New intuitive interface and easier to access specific functions with assign presets to playlists and radio stations, easy multi-room connection, Spotify resume

Improved Wi-Fi connection for stronger, more reliable home network performance

Strong retail initiative:

Naim Audio successfully announced the Mu-so 2nd Generation to consumers on one day ahead of going on sale the next day with independent retailers getting their stock at the same time as larger retailers such as John Lewis.

A month into launch and John Lewis has sold out TWICE online – Just wanted to drop you a note to say – AMAZING launch week!! Roshni Chauhan,  Partner & Buying Assistant, John Lewis.

Naim Audio provided all retailers with a full suite of marketing assets – and stock! – ahead of launch so they could maximise the benefits of the launch marketing and PR campaigns.

To drive demand into our retailers: Alongside PR (More than 70 pieces of coverage generated – and counting- and 3 million estimated coverage views so far) Naim served up more than five million digital adverts across a wide range of platforms, all driving through to the retailer finder on Naim website. (Naim do not sell direct, so all marketing and PR has been driving consumers into retail partners.)

Naim Audio is continuing to supply retail partners with fresh marketing assets to help them maximise sales – for example, T3 Award winner logo and associated advertising creative provided within two days of the award win.

As well as strong press reviews (first four reviews have been 5 stars), great customer reviews are coming in, and Naim is supporting retailers with any queries that come in from customers – perfect example here in the reviews left: