The i-box Ellipsis does more than offer a ‘better sounding Amazon Echo Dot’ it nails a number of challenges faced by the Dot unit. The Ellipsis’s clever ‘Mains plug-in’ design makes it the perfect product for kitchens, getting it away from messy worktops and, at the same time, leaving workspaces free for food preparation. And even when plugging into a double-socket, the Ellipsis’s compact dimensions mean that the remaining plug stays is free for use. A further super-smart feature is the fact that Ellipsis also functions as a Wi-Fi extender, boosting the signal is weak areas of the home – think hallways, landings, and the likes of loft conversions. The beauty here, again, is that the Mains plug design is ideal for keeping the Ellipsis smart speaker in place, and out of the way. So, voice commands – and wi-fi – are effective, but the speaker doesn’t ‘take over’ the likes of hallways and landings.