“Renowned wine cabinet specialist Caple has demonstrated it is at the forefront of wine cabinet design with its design of the only furniture-clad wine cabinet on the market. No-one has yet followed in their footsteps and created a cabinet, which blends in with surrounding furniture doors. This state-of-the-art integrated design has taken appliance and furniture design to another level, because the kitchen designer can actually make a frame to match cabinet doors perfectly. This way, the end user can still benefit from a more streamlined look in their kitchen and the designer can simply slot the furniture frame onto the door front for a neat finish.

The innovative Wi6160 wine cabinet can look just as stylish in a contemporary or classic setting. It can be set between cabinet doors or at one end as the appliance is integrated, however the key is for the wine cabinet to look like it’s part of the furniture with only the bottles of wine, shelving and controls clearly visible.

This particular model was showcased as a concept at kbb Birmingham show in March 2018 then went into production following such positive feedback at this show. The wine cabinet then launched to market in October 2018. This model has been designed with an A-rating for energy efficiency with sleek touch controls and an LED display. There are black wire beech fronted shelves sporting a stainless-steel trim, which make the cabinet look even more stylish.

It was important for Caple to ensure the functional part of this design would meet with every expectation for a high-end residential wine cabinet, so there are telescopic shelves for easy access and charcoal filters, which purify the air in the cabinet and remove undesirable odours that could penetrate the cork, which would spoil the wine. This model has been designed to be dual zone with room for 44 bottles of wine, including Champagne. There are also four light functions, which include a timer and brightness, which the end user can set as they please. There is even an eco-setting, which is suitable for those who are looking for a more energy efficient appliance. This way, the model will turn internal lights off when the cabinet is not in use.”