‘”Smeg FAB28 Limited Edition Colours / Re-design


In February 2019, Smeg, the iconic Italian manufacturer of design-led kitchen appliances, unveiled a series of brand new, eye-catching and original colours to its range of FAB28 retro-style 50s fridges. The new colours included a series of on-trend hues including Taupe, Emerald Green and Ruby Red.

Arguably some of the most striking colours to hit the FAB28 range, for which the Smeg brand is synonymous with, these latest additions highlight Smeg’s long-standing playfulness with colour and passion for creating statement appliances. Each fridge is crafted to be a design statement in its own right, helping to create a kitchen aesthetic that is truly unique. In addition, the new fridges offer a brand-new soft touch, luxe matte finish, for a more opulent feel that ever before – a mark of the company’s rich design heritage.

The newest colour additions to Smeg’s FAB28 fridge also offer up a number of newly added, exciting features, that were recently rolled out across the Smeg FAB range. With the first model being introduced in the 1990s, the FAB has gone from strength to strength but recently, Smeg introduced a series of slick updates to bring it bang up to date.

This included the addition of internal LED strip lighting, for better visibility all-day, every-day, as well as detailed chrome supports and metal wine racks to the fridge’s interior. Ensuring the interior is every bit as beautiful as the outside, is yet another mark of Smeg’s passion and commitment to great design and art of turning the functional into something more extraordinary.

Smeg’s updates to its FAB28 – the gorgeous new colour additions and internal updates fully embraces the company’s deep-set ethos of ‘technology with style’. Not only does the iconic Italian brand continue to design some of the most exciting products in the industry, but also continues to commit itself to pursuing the latest technology to offer its customers the very best of both words.

Finally, these simple but effective refresh to Smeg’s FAB28 is testament to how a good design never needs changing and the importance of getting it right the first time around. As such, Smeg has only had to make simple tweaks and add small touches to its FAB portfolio over the years, simply to keep it up to date with the evolution and improvements in modern technology.

Smeg’s new FAB28 is new to the market in the past twelve months; its embargo lifted on 1st February 2019.”