“Developed exclusively by Miele over the last seven years, the new Dialog Oven with innovative and intelligent M Chef Technology offers passionate cooks and early adopters a revolutionary new way to cook at home. A world’s first, there is no other product like it on the market.

High-tech sensors closely monitor the cooking process, maintaining a constant dialog with ingredients as they cook enabling the Dialog Oven to keep tabs simultaneously on a wide range of dishes – so meat, fish, breads and other ingredients can be cooked to perfection in parallel, according to their individual needs.

The energy distributed penetrates the entire body of the food, and therefore rather than cooking food from the outside in like conventional ovens, it instead cooks the food in its entirety – Miele calls this volumetric cooking.

It’s this revolutionary technology that enables the creation of completely new and innovative dishes that are always prepared to the highest standards. Some examples include:

Preparing experimental dishes such as a fish in ice or veal tenderloin in beeswax without melting the ice or wax
Separating browning from baking for example a crustless loaf of bread
Considerably reducing cooking times – pulled pork can be enjoyed in as little as 2.5 hours rather than 8-16 hours
Preparing a dish with a number of ingredients simultaneously – for example meat and a range of vegetables can all be added to the oven at the same time with no element overcooked
Perfectly serving sophisticated dishes – a tray of soufflés will come out of the Dialog Oven at the same exact height and without the need for a bain-marie

The Miele Dialog Oven with innovative M Chef Technology was available to purchase in the UK from October 2018.

Further information can be found at – https://revolutionaryexcellence.miele.com/en/dialog-oven”