“Launched in November 2018, the KitchenAid freestanding microwave oven (KMQFX 33910 (UK)) has been inspired by the professional culinary sphere and combines both a sleek and seamless design with an impressive range of chef-inspired functions for those who are serious about food.

The freestanding KitchenAid microwave oven boasts an impressive range of chef-inspired functions, to enthuse and embolden those who are serious about food. With more than 50 pre-programmed recipes, and five professional functions, the KitchenAid microwave oven is a triumph in the kitchen.

Its Dual Steam function, allows consumers to use the steamer accessory to steam two different dishes at the same time, without ever mixing flavours and aromas. Additionally, the Intuitive sensor technology adjusts the duration and microwave power required, depending on the moisture content and temperature of the food.

In addition to microwave cooking, the freestanding microwave oven also features a grill and crisp plate accessory. Together, gastronomic favourites can be prepared in a fraction of time, using KitchenAid’s three functions, Crisp Technology, Crisp Fry and the Crisp & Bake programmes.

On occasions where a helping hand is needed, the Special Menu encompasses more than 50 pre-programmed recipes, for perfect and professionally-inspired results. Ideal for preparing a gourmet dish when time is short.

What’s more, the microwave oven can transform the kitchen into a professionally-inspired bakery for those who love to bake. The user is assisted through the entire baking process right from bowl to bake. The appliance perfectly softens butter, melts chocolate and prepares dough using the dedicated programmes and can effortlessly bake delicate cakes, meringues and loaves of bread.

KitchenAid is a luxury appliance manufacturer, and the freestanding microwave oven makes a statement in the kitchen. The design, inspired by the iconic design of the built-in KitchenAid Twelix Artisan oven features the iconic KitchenAid ergonomic handle, which is subtly finished with the brand’s medallion. The sleek and timeless design blends seamlessly into the culinary workplace.

KitchenAid understands that the luxury consumer is passionate about cooking, which is why the microwave oven is designed to inspire the user to take their expertise and creativity in the kitchen to the next level.”