‘”Launched on 6th February 2019, the Indesit slimline Push&Go dishwasher (DSFO 3T224 Z UK) is just 450 mm wide, which fits perfectly into the increasingly compact space of the modern kitchen. The dishwasher benefits from the innovative Push&Go programme – a new daily cycle that makes dishwashing a simpler, faster and a fuss-free operation.

Push&Go is a single push, one-button system that begins a dedicated cycle, without having to adjust any of the settings or pressing start. This easy-to-use feature is the perfect ‘one touch’ solution for consumers with limited time. The dedicated Push&Go cycle offers exceptional results, without pre-washing, and takes less time than a standard cycle.

Indesit appliances are designed to make family life easier. The Indesit Push&Go dishwasher (DSFO 3T224 Z UK) features a dedicated BabyCare cycle, which is a unique programme that eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria* to ensure optimal cleaning and drying results of your baby items**.

Boasting an impressive A++ energy rating and nine programmes to choose from, the slimline dishwasher comes complete with a handy BPA-free*** BabyZoo accessory set. The quirky BabyZoo is designed specifically to stack and secure baby items, including teats and dummies, in the dishwasher with ease.

The dishwasher is dynamic and flexible to meet the needs of hectic family life. The height of the top basket can be easily adjusted, maximising flexible loading options. Furthermore, the Indesit dishwasher offers the eXtra cycle, which allows the user to simply remove the top basket to wash items that measure up to 53 cm in height, in just one hour. The appliance also benefits from a high-grade stainless steel interior liner for superb a drying performance that is hygienic, as well as durable.

What’s more, the dishwasher has a handy Start Delay option, which makes it ideal for those who have access to less expensive energy tariffs at night. Thanks to its low noise output, of just 44 dB(A), the appliance can run quietly in the background, easing the pressure of modern-day life by not disturbing or waking the family.

The Indesit research and development team is constantly looking at different ways to make the busy family’s life more pleasant. The freestanding Push&Go slimline dishwasher is efficient, flexible and economical to run.

Key features and benefits of the Indesit freestanding slimline Push&Go dishwasher (DSFO 3T224 Z UK):
— Freestanding, 450 mm wide dishwasher finished in white
— Efficient nine litre water use and A++ energy rating
— 10 place setting capacity for crockery, glassware, pots and pans
— Nine programmes available including; eXtra, Eco, Rapid 30, Normal, Intensive, Delicates, Soak, Push&Go and the dedicated BabyCare cycle – BabyCare cycle eliminates 99.9999 per cent of bacteria* to ensure optimal cleaning and drying results of your baby items
— The BPA-free BabyZoo accessory is ideal for dishwashing the baby’s teats, dummies, cups, bowls and cutlery (for total sterilisation of your baby’s items, Indesit recommends using a sterile solution before use)
— eXtra cycle allows the user to simply remove the top basket to wash items that measure up to 53 cm in height in just one hour
— Height adjustable top basket to make additional space in the lower basket for larger items, such as baking trays
— Half load option for added convenience
— Start Delay to make the most of less expensive energy tariffs, typically available at night
— Four stage filtration system for superb cleaning
— Modern sleek control panel with digital display
— Aquastop safety feature
— Low noise level of 44 dB(A)
— Full stainless steel tub for hygiene and durability● Finished in white
— Also available as a fully-integrated model (DSIO 3T224 E Z UK)
— Dimensions H 850 x W 450 x D 600 mm

* Test performed by an independent institute
** For total sterilisation of your baby items, Indesit recommends an additional clean using a sterile solution
*** BPA-free : BPA or bisphenol A, an estrogen-imitating chemical, is often used to produce reusable plastic products, such as baby bottles, toddler sippy cups and plastics you might use for storing leftover food. It is being phased out of plastic packaging due to fears it may disrupt our hormones.”