Launched in November 2018, the Hotpoint ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer has been developed and designed incorporating a series of technical innovations that are kind to clothes; making everyday life easier for the consumer.

The ActiveCare technology combines both the Anti-Stress Movements and Perfect Temperature Control to help take care of clothes by reducing wear out by up to 40 per cent*. The Anti-Stress Movements ensure that as the load dries, items cling to the side of the tumble dryer’s drum, minimising chafing and better protecting the clothes from wearing out.

In addition, Perfect Temperature Control closely monitors, and precisely controls, the temperature of the tumble dryer. The consistent temperature of the tumble dryer, coupled with the reduction of the clothes’ movements, ensures clothes are better taken care of and helps to keep them looking their best for longer.

Aesthetically, the Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryer features a fresh and contemporary design, with a large, easy-access, door that is trimmed with stainless steel for a premium feel. Not only this, the tumble dryer also features an ultra-clear and easy to read display, as well as having a touch-button user interface, ensuring that operation is both smooth and straightforward.

The tumble dryer also boasts an A++ energy rating, which is achieved by innovative heat pump technology. This recycles warm air until clothes are perfectly dry, maximises energy efficiency when tumble drying and ensures a saving in energy usage of over 45 per cent**.

The Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryer offers users a wide variety of cycles and programmes, such as the Anti-Allergy cycle, which has been approved by Allergy UK and effectively reduces and eliminates allergens. The combination of ground-breaking ActiveCare technologies and sleek aesthetic featured within the Hotpoint ActiveCare tumble dryer ensure that it stands out as an innovative product within its market. 

Notes for editor:

*  Up to 40% based on jeans program without ActiveCare option for 20 runs on lint reduction

** Heat pump technology delivers the most efficient energy usage compared with condenser or vented tumble dryers. With an A++ heat pump tumble dryer you will save over 45% compared to a B rated tumble dryer