Beko’s Freestanding Washer Dryer 7kg washing capacity (4kg drying) WDB7426S1C, is packed with innovative and helpful technologies, and it looks great too.  Its sleek and modern black opaque door makes this model stand out on the shop floor, and it’s certainly not shy of selling points.

Completing a full 7kg load wash in just 28 minutes, this time-saving machine is sure to be at the top of any busy family’s wish list. It’s got plenty of different washing programmes, and there’s even the option to do a quick emergency wash of 2kg in an impressive 14 minutes. Retailers will be only too familiar with customers asking for a washing machine that’s faster than their current model, and can be confident in recommending this speedy washer dryer. Beko has even included a Fast Wash and Dry programme that allows you to wash and dry up to five shirts in just 60 minutes.

Ideal for those who have smaller kitchens, looking to save space but not compromise on losing out on a tumble dryer, the Beko WDB7426S1C can dry up to 4kg of laundry efficiently. Thanks to the clever Sensor Drying programmes, the machine actually detects the level of moisture in the drum, and automatically stops the cycle when the optimum dryness level has been reached. Saving time and money, Beko’s Smart Sensors also provide better care and protection for clothing.