With the side-by-side market in growth this year, Blomberg has launched its first non-plumbed water and ice American side-by-side fridge freezer (KWD253PX). Finished in a sleek stainless-steel design, this fridge freezer offers cubed or crushed ice and chilled water on tap, without any plumbing required. Simply keep the glass water tank in the fridge topped up with water so that it can pump round to the freezer, where you can then dispense ice and water from the freezer door. Not needing to plumb it in means it can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and there are no expensive filters to replace every six months.

When you open the doors, the side LED lighting strips illuminate every corner of the fridge and freezer and to preserve the taste and longevity of fresh food, the dual-cooling system uses two fans to rapidly cool both the fridge and freezer and prevents food from drying out in the fridge, whilst Blue Light Technology uses blue LED lights in the salad crisper to maintain the vitamin and nutrients in fruit and vegetables.