Brand new to market, Beko has launched Europe’s first connected AutoDose Dishwasher, which uses innovative smart technologies to help people save time and money when it comes to dishwashing.

The Beko AutoDose Dishwasher is Wi-Fi connected, so you can connect to the appliance by installing the HomeWhiz app on an Android or iOS device, allowing you to receive helpful updates, download new wash programmes or set the dishwasher to start during off peak electrical hours.

Jumping on the current smart speaker trend, the new Beko AutoDose dishwasher can be operated and monitored from any Alexa-enabled device through the HomeWhiz Alexa skill. Not only will owners have full control of when and how best to wash their dishes, they will no longer find themselves in the frustrating situation of attempting to put on a load and finding themselves without detergent.

Beko’s new connected dishwasher offers automatic detergent replenishment through Amazon Dash Replenishment, meaning customers never need to worry about keeping track of usage or remembering to reorder detergent. Users are alerted when it’s time to top up and detergent is automatically re-ordered for delivery through the HomeWhiz app with Amazon’s Dash Replenishment. AutoDose technology means there is no longer a need to refill detergent with every wash, simply fill up once and this lasts for up to one month. It also takes the guesswork out of the process by being able to detect the dirtiness of dishes and dispense the perfect dose of liquid/gel even on the shortest programmes.